Oliveri 1964

Address: Via Vallone de Spuches 29 Bagheria (PA)

E-mail: oliveri1964ristorante@gmail.com
and p.c.   olivericgc@gmail.com

Telephone: 3277062675

Facebook: @Oliveri1964

Instagram: @Oliveri1964

Open every day for dinner except Saturdays for lunch and dinner, while Sundays are open only for lunch.

“Oliveri|1964 is the title we have given to what can be defined as a new start. A life at the table instead the subtitle of a culinary journey whose foundation is found in the tradition of typical Sicilian cuisine. Claudio, the chef, the son of someone who was born and raised in this space. Ancient recipes, historical dishes and traditional flavors with which Claudio has had a strong bond over the years, maintaining the same aromas and flavors of the past by combining innovation, revisiting the dishes and combining flavours. In 2015, the academy with Gualtiero Marchesi strengthens this young and curious spirit, today the support of Tony Lo Coco opens glimmers towards a kitchen with new techniques while remaining faithful to what he has inherited ”.

Vino Oliveri 1964
Oliveri 1965 - Ristorante Bagheria
Oliveri 1964