Binario 450


Address: Via Stazione n. 13 – 90011 – Bagheria (PA)
Phone: 320 611 3611 – 348 325 3258


Open daily from 6:30 p.m. to midnight


Binario 450 was established as a temple of contemporary Neapolitan pizza and aims to offer the public culinary delights carefully designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Salvatore Meola, co-owner and pizza chef, specializes in researching flours of excellence and transforming them into light and digestible doughs.

Thus Binario 450° is the ideal place for all those who wish to try foods of guaranteed provenance and the highest quality, novel and engaging flavor combinations, while respecting the tradition of Sicilian gastronomic heritage.

If the products are genuine, d.o.c and d.o.p., the wood used for cooking is no less. Certified and sourced from controlled forests to ensure sustainability, it is the energy capable of transforming individual elements into a unique taste experience.

The premises, a former freight depot belonging to the Railways, has been renovated by the two partners, revaluing the entire area and transforming it into a cozy and attractive place. Furnished in industrial style and with inevitable references to the railway world and the nearby station, it is equipped with a wood-burning oven, an electric oven and a steam oven to ensure a wide variety of dough preparation and baking. The wood-burning oven is used for Neapolitan pizza; the electric oven is used for Roman pizza in pala, which is much crunchier than Neapolitan pizza, a tasty dish with a more rustic effect; the steam oven, on the other hand, is used for the steamed pan, which is then crisped up later; lastly, there is an oven solely dedicated to gluten-free products: the dough is carefully produced and all pizzas are rolled out with rice flour to minimize contamination. The shovels and all the tools are also dedicated exclusively to this oven.

Binario 450° also offers meat, sandwiches, burgers, tartare, salads, tantalizing appetizers, and a wide selection of beverages, wines, and a selection of draft and gluten-free beers, often suggested in combination with the dishes precisely to maximize their taste.

The good weather has made it possible to set up, in the wide open space in front of the facility, a cozy space with lights, sails, gazebos and furnishings for al fresco dinners in the summer evenings with evocative views of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Cutò.

Lastly, there is no lack of attention to service, hospitality and courtesy, friendliness of the staff, so that guests can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

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