Mineo’s Pizza House

Address: Via Gianfrancesco Malipiero n. 6/7 – 90011 Bagheria (PA) – Sicily
Phone: 091964369 – 0916153887
WhatsApp: 3442856689
E-mail: mineospizzabagheria@gmail.com

Web: www.mineospizza.it
Instagram: https://instagram.com/mineospizzahouse?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mineospizzabagheria

Home delivery service covers Bagheria and surroundings offered in partnership with the Glovo app.Or Socialfood: www.socialfood.it/bagheria/mineos 


The passion for pizza drives us since 1992 to a continuous search for new products and culinary combinations to constantly improve the quality and taste of the pizzas and dishes that are baked daily in his pizzeria: “MINEO’S PIZZA HOUSE  .

Quality is a theme dear to Mr. Mineo who 30 years ago, in America, waved like a workhorse to win the fierce competition in America and in his thirty years of experience as a pizza chef he was able to attend numerous specialization courses in the white art, preparation and cooking of pizza and basic raw materials such as: flour, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

In the STATES, Mr. Mineo also learned the notions on the production and behavior of these foods during the filling and cooking of pizzas in such a way as to always guarantee an excellent quality artisan pizza. Furthermore, Mineo’s Pizza prepares dishes and pizzas for all vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free friends and customers with lactose intolerance. All equipment and ovens used are made in the USA

Our structured menu to delight all types of different palates from burgers made in the USA to typical dishes of the local tradition such as the sfincione Bagherese.

Mineos Pizza House
Mineos Pizza House Bagheria - Sicilia
Hamburger Mineos
Pizza artigianale Mineos