Ninita Food & Relax


Address: Viale Sant’Isidoro snc – 90011 – Bagheria (PA) Google Maps
Phone: +39 091 64 96 379
Cell: +39 376 122 0401

Facebook: @Ninita
Instagram: @ninita_it

Local Seasonal:
– May to late September (no closing days)
– Open from 09.00 am to late evening (usual closing time at 02.00 a.m.)
During the winter period we open only for private events.


“Ninita” is the combination of a passion for good food, raw materials and the desire to experiment with the ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. It wants to be a place of aggregation, conviviality and sociability.
It was born in an old “pirriera” of Aspra, then decommissioned, after months of hard work for the redevelopment of the space, shining with its ancient beauty, giving an added value to the area. The characteristic tufa walls, stone blocks and shells tell its story…

“There was a time when the sea reached to such areas and beyond … when the waters receded, the sand and shells were covered with soil. Crushed and piled up, grains and shells formed a tuffaceous rock. When, after years, someone dug in search of water to irrigate the fields, they discovered the sandstone tuff layer underground…thus were born the pirriere, the pickaxe and the Aspra stone.”

Two kilometers from Bagheria the “City of Villas,” where stands the prestigious Villa Valguarnera recounted in The Leopard, is our “home” surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and the scent of saltiness.
Get carried away by unspoiled nature, the scent of citrus groves, olive groves and a breathtaking sunset by the pool. Our location offers restaurant, pizzeria, bar, pool, playground. With professional service, courtesy and an attentive and discreet staff ready to make your wishes come true.

“Ninita” will know how to make your special moments unforgettable.

Ninita food relax
Ninita food relax - Bagheria