Umami il Quinto Gusto srls


Address: Via Santa Flavia No. 15/17 – 90011 Bagheria (PA)
Cell phone: 320 531 2305

Instagram:  http://@umamiilquintogusto
Facebook:  http://@umamiilquintogusto

Closing: Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday through Sunday 6:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.


Umami – the fifth taste is the new restaurant housed in the premises of an ancient mill in the heart of Bagheria, the historic city of villas a few steps from Palermo. Ideal for a dinner dedicated to good food, the Umami restaurant – the fifth taste is also perfect as a meeting place for an out-of-the-ordinary aperitif.
The elegant and intimate atmosphere is the setting for an innovative sensory experience that involves all the senses of taste, dragging the guest on a fascinating culinary journey. Umami is the fifth element of taste and is added to bitter, sweet, salty and sour.
Discovered by the Japanese, it was the last to be introduced in the so-called “map of taste” and literally means tasty.
Umami is that intense, full-bodied and rich flavor that creates a wave of pleasant sensations on the palate and makes you want to continue savoring the food that contains it.
The menu selected by our chef is a mix of tradition and innovation created with the use of quality raw materials and seasonal local products.
The Umami restaurant – the fifth taste revolutionizes the idea of ​​appetizers, offering a vast variety of Venetian cicchetti à la carte or in tastings, presented in combination to enhance the flavours.
Food pairing is our mission: the pairing of foods according to their molecular and aromatic compound.
The cicchetti are paired with cocktails that create a synchrony of flavors between the ingredients.
You will be able to taste unique combinations of small portions of food and drink united by a common or contrasting aromatic vein that reaches umami.
Also try our proposal for pizzas.

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Umami il quinto gusto
Ristorante Umami Bagheria