Al Gallo D’Oro

Address: Corso Umberto I  n.103/105 – 90011 Bagheria (PA)
Phone: 091934619 – 3478037341

Closing day: Sunday
Open days:
Monday to Saturday    8 a.m. – 2 p.m. / 4 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Social pages:
Facebook: Al Gallo d’oro
Instagram: @algallodorobagheria


Historical poultry shop that was founded with the desire to push the quality of products higher and higher by always seeking the best ,always developing traditional recipes that can marry classic and even modern tastes .
With over 50 years in business we stand at the top of our industry.
Newly remodeled to keep up with the passage of time, in the old-fashioned but always up-to-date poultry shop at Gallo D’Oro one can delight in high quality products that embrace both the preparation of raw foods by offering a wide selection of white and red meats and a huge quality of cooked meats.
From the iconic spit-roasted chicken, to gourmet rotisserie mignon, to pizza using this region’s celebrated grains, to “our new entry” the world-famous HAMBURGER prepared as the usa-style recipe dictates.
These and more are the delights you will find here at Gallo D’Oro.

Ristorante Al Gallo D'Oro
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Al Gallo D'Oro
Hamburger Al Gallo D'Oro