Trattoria da Dario


Address: Corso Butera No. 423 – 90011 – Bagheria (PA)
Mobile: 320 152 0902


Weekly closing: Tuesday


Trattoria da Dario is located in a historic palace in the city and has as its strengths the authenticity of its dishes, many of them traditional Sicilian cuisine, and the hospitality, friendliness and professionalism of its host.
A big added value is the splendid terrace of Villa Favazzi, a historic 19th-century building where the restaurant is located, which in summer and on fine days in autumn and spring also allows outdoor dining. From the terrace it is possible to admire Villa Butera at the top of the street of the same name and the sea that can be reached from its continuation through the famous “rettifilu” that joins Bagheria with its hamlet and seaside village of Aspra.
Trattoria da Dario’s signature dishes, as mentioned, are those of territorial tradition such as caponata, eggplant rolls, sardine meatballs, pasta with sardines, pasta with anciova, pasta with glaze, pasta with mullet and fennel, pasta alla norma, pasta with cuttlefish ink, meat and swordfish rolls, boiled meat, tuna ammuttunatu, sweet and sour tuna, stew, and many others.
To these are added fish dishes revisited always with an eye to tradition.
In addition to the kitchen, a strong point of the trattoria is definitely Dario Maggiore, the true soul of the trattoria, who fully interprets the role of the innkeeper with his friendliness, professionalism and experience; characteristics that immediately put the customer at ease, who between the traditional dishes and an empathetic welcome, feels a familiar and homely atmosphere.

Trattoria da Dario
Bagheria - Trattoria da Dario