Sicily Tour Leader by Alessandro Morreale

“Itineraries in the Bagherese area”


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Tour Leader Alessandro Morreale.
I accompany individuals or groups of people on trips through the national territory or abroad; I provide significant elements and news of tourist interest on transit areas outside the scope of the guides.
I am responsible for the field implementation of the program and point of reference for suppliers and travelers throughout the duration of the trip, developing various projects and doing tourist accompaniment in the territory with different realities such as Schools of all levels and groups of associations.
In all areas of work I operate as a self-employed worker, without subordination to the client, with rates established at the regional level. I have developed, over the years, several projects in tourism through project contracts or
occasional performances. I deal with different professional figures: Tourist Guides, Museum and Art Gallery Managers, Referents of Tourist Boards.
I implement group shadowing in all of the group’s travels and daily life moments. In addition to group side-by-side activities for the duration of the itinerary, I can also take care of individual or group transfer activities, including welcoming activities to and from airports, embarkation and disembarkation stations, departure and arrival places of collective transportation.
I am in charge of organizing and managing trips and tours for groups of people; in particular, I offer services in planning and designing itineraries, booking accommodations and transportation, managing activities and sightseeing, and providing assistance during the trip.
In addition, I provide information on local attractions, culture and history of the places visited. In essence, I play a key role in ensuring that travelers have a memorable and hassle-free experience during their trip.
I am a professional who is dedicated to creating personalized and tailored travel experiences for his or her clients. Using in-depth knowledge of destinations and travel experiences, I create unique and curated itineraries tailored to travelers’ preferences and desires.
Through a combination of research, planning, and creativity, I ensure that every detail of the trip is carefully thought out, providing advice on the best destinations, hotels, activities, and transportation.
To carry out activities, I make use of figures and tools, such as maps, maps, tour guides, as well as microphones and others to capture the group’s attention and ensure unity. I use foreign languages for which she is certified.

I try to turn a simple trip into an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for travelers.

Services offered:
– Creation of customized travel itineraries
– Booking hotels, flights and transportation
– Organizing unique experiences, such as food tours or outdoor adventures
– Provision of detailed destination information, including tourist attractions, local culture, and traditions
– Assistance throughout the trip, including 24/7 support in case of emergencies or unforeseen events

The Tour Leader can work in several areas identified below:

The tour leader for organized incoming travel is referred to abroad as a tour leader in that he or she must for a few hours, days or weeks within our country become the “group leader” of groups of tourists, both Italian and foreign, perhaps from different countries. Especially in the case of foreign tourists, the tour leader plays a role of great importance: it is he who helps the foreigner to interpret and understand the civilization and culture of our country, dispelling those obsolete prejudices that often damage the image of Italy abroad, to promote the image of Italy abroad.

The daily tour leader is dedicated to daily excursions. His or her tasks are the same as those who work in organized incoming trips with the difference that his or her work has a more circumscribed time scope: animating the group,checking
that the program offered is responsive to the one established, check that schedules are adhered to, and provide general information about the locations visited.

The transferist performs his or her duties during transfers, that is, assists passengers upon boarding, arrival, and during any short transfers from one place to another.

– Conferences
– Incentive trips
– Corporate conventions
– Trade fairs

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