Kàlamo Ristorante

Address: C.so Baldassarre Scaduto n.11 Aspra – Bagheria (PA)
Phone: 0918432875
Email: info@kalamo.it

Website: www.kalamo.it
Facebook: Kàlamo Ristorante
Instagram: kalamoristorante

Closing: Monday
Tuesday – to Saturday  19:30 p.m. – 23:00 p.m.
Sunday                           12:30 p.m. –   3:00 p.m.


Kalamo Ristorante was born in an old stable, inside a period villa which was subsequently transformed into the current Hotel Residence Villa Scaduto. The structure is located in Bagheria, an enchanting Baroque-style town, on the splendid coast of the Tyrrhenian coast east of the Gulf of Palermo, which is just a few kilometers away. It is also located near the charming seaside village of Aspra and its small port, where fishing boats loaded with local fish arrive every morning. The restaurant hall, defined by the interior design by the architect Massimiliano Masellis and the interior designer Marta Marasà, subliminally communicates the concept of our business.

The interior design of Kàlamo was strongly inspired by the bond that unites our restaurant to the local production of the raw materials we use for our dishes. In fact, we pay a lot of attention to the selection of products and to guarantee the best quality and authenticity we are committed to the self-production of most of them. The dishes that come out of our kitchen are already born in the beauty of the typical Sicilian landscapes, rich in those signs and colors that inspire the interior design. The design team has been able to grasp the distinctive elements of the area and translate them into a project with a strong visual impact: 1511 wooden strips draw the plowing marks of a land on the ceiling and envelop guests in our large room. The volumes, the textures, the color palette,

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