U’ Barunieddu Artisan Preserves

“We Preserve Tradition”


Via Consolare n. 114 – 90011 – Bagheria  PA
Tel. +39 393 099 3912
E-mail: ubarunieddu@gmail.com

Web: www.ubarunieddu.it
Facebook: @UBarunieddu
Instagram: u_barunieddu


From the desire to bring innovation to the recipes of Nonno Pino, known as U’ Barunieddu, our products are born, the result of a path of research into the Sicilian and especially Bagheria gastronomic tradition.
And it is precisely from Bagheria and its history in the canning industry that our idea of experimenting with new forms of eating well was born.
We are a small family-run start-up, we believe in our strengths and in the richness of our territory, and with preserves we want to make them known to you.

We are Antonella, Giuseppe and Elisabetta, united by our passion for cooking and for our territory.
Giuseppe, born in 1998, after graduating from the hotel institute and several experiences in the restaurant business, had an intuition.
Together with his grandfather Pino, he began to study traditional recipes and after a while decided it was time for everyone to try them.
We work together, as a family to carry out our project and as artisans for the care and attention to detail.

Our preserves are the result not only of a gastronomic project, but also of a cultural project. We like to think of each jar we produce as a small piece of Sicily, which anywhere in the world can be known and appreciated.
We want to enhance our territory and its excellences, and for this reason we rely on local producers for our ingredients, reproposing with our preserves the recipes of the Sicilian tradition.
We produce sweet and savory preserves, with the products of our territory: citrus and local fruit jams; savory creams, appetizers and side dishes with seasonal vegetables and greens; ready-made sauces and condiments for first courses.
Our specialty is Sfincione Cream. Designed to give anyone the opportunity to eat Sfincione all year round and anywhere in the world.
All recipes are handed down from our family and the richness of our territory. Jar after jar, recipe after recipe, we want you to feel the flavors and aromas of our land….

Our workshop is located at 114 Consolare Street, in what was once the heart of Bagheria’s economy, among warehouses and canning industries, a stone’s throw from the train station. In this area of our city we have chosen to locate our headquarters, to give new life to a past whose traces are known to few.
In our laboratory there is a small store where, in addition to our artisanal preserves, you can find other local delicacies.
A small treasure of our premises is the inner courtyard, hidden among citrus trees and tuff walls, where we like to welcome our visitors for tastings and workshop experiences.

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