Palantica Master Pizza Makers


Address: Viale della Libertà n. 95 – Bagheria – (PA)
Telephone: 091 964 420
Cell: 380 775 2677

Facebook: @Palantica16

Weekly closing: Wednesday


We are a small Pizzeria and Brewery a few km from Palermo, Bagheria the town of villas. Its owner Franco Fiore defines it like this: – “The Bonsai of pizza!”
Francesco Fiore, son of the well-known Pizzaiolo Palermitano Giacinto, at about 9 years old begins to have a dream, to follow in his father’s footsteps through a profession that he will love so much… the Pizza Maker! His favorite game will thus become getting his hands dirty with flour, forming pizza loaves with them. From there his game soon turns into a powerful passion.
The passion of an infinite love that has lasted for 43 years.
There are now three generations of pizza chefs that the Fiore family has in Sicily.
Today, 52-year-old Franco Fiore declares: “As a child I always had a dream… that when I grew up I could continue to have my hands dirty with flour.”


Pizza siciliana palantica maestri pizzaioli
Palantica Maestri Pizzaioli
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