Sushi Restaurant
Address: Via Alcide De Gasperi n. 47 – 90011 – Bagheria (PA)
Phone: 091 88 80 055

Facebook: @sushiway.ristoranti
YouTube: @Sushiway8544
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Closing Day: Monday
Hours of operation:
Tuesday through Sunday     4 p.m.  –  11:30 p.m.


An intriguing journey through the flavors of age-old Japanese tradition, expertly blended with Western flavors. Typical Mediterranean ingredients such as urchins, Mazara red shrimp, and squid ink are combined with traditional sushi, creating a unique dining experience.
Sushiway does not offer the “All you can eat” menu formula but offers the “Omakase” formula, which literally means “Do you, I trust you.” It is a typical menu formula of Japanese sushi restaurants. If you propose the “Omakase” formula to the chef, he will give his best to repay you for your trust in him.
Order an Omakase menu and expect an innovative and surprising menu prepared according to the seasonality of the ingredients and the creativity of the chef.
In addition to sushi and sashimi, the menu includes seared, grilled, tempura fish dishes, etc…
A wide variety of flavors offered in a specific order: from the most delicate to the most assertive. Omakase allows you to get a taste of the restaurant’s best dishes.

This is the food experience offered by Chef Paolo Bonanno at Sushiway in Bagheria. A restaurant in which even the atmosphere and details have been studied in detail to offer an experience of pleasure, to be lived outside the city chaos.
At Sushiway in Bagheria, in addition to sushi, it is possible to taste other Japanese specialties. Definitely worth mentioning is the excellent Shoyu Ramen, prepared according to the traditional Edochian recipe, with a perfect balance between the individual elements: the umami of the tasty hot broth and the soft texture of the noodles.

In 2022 Sushiway Bagheria, with its gourmet sushi, was awarded THREE GOLDEN CROONS, the highest award of the prestigious Corone Oro Sicilia club that recognizes Sicilian food and wine excellence.

The restaurant also offers delivery and takeaway service. Just download the SUSHIWAY app available on PlayStore and AppleStore, or order from the website

From the extensive online menu you can choose Sushi, Poke, Ramen and other delicacies.




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