Bistrot 144


Address: Via B. Mattarella n. 142/144 – 90011 – Bagheria (PA)
Phone: 091 88 79 019
Cellphone: 392 445 6985 – 366 377 6227



Closing Day: MONDAY
Open Tuesday through Sunday: 7 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.


Bistrot 144 by La Licata Giuseppe.
We are a couple both at work and in private life who 6 years ago wanted to venture into opening a restaurant/pizzeria.
We came from completely different work experiences in other fields but had been researchers of good taste for years. We were clear from the start about what we wanted to propose to our still potential customers: local, genuine and simple products.

To date, our strengths are always and only fresh and local fish and naturally leavened and ripened pizza made with different types of dough and ancient Sicilian grains.
For the past couple of years we have deepened our studies and are trying to delight the palates of celiacs as well, obtaining good results.

We are proud and proud to have become a beautiful reality within the Baghera gastronomic scene but eager to grow further.