Una Marcia In Più is an association born from the initiative of two disabled people

Rita Pecoraro and Giuseppe Lo Medico

who want to change the global vision of diversibility

and raise awareness of the phenomenon.

The association has set itself the goal of opening a physical centre and

the development of an online platform for the provision of services.

The Mission

The mission of the association is to improve, promote and raise awareness of

quality of life and autonomy by making

the differently-abled person an active part of their lives.


The Municipal Administration of Bagheria has fully embraced the association’s mission

and has therefore decided, in agreement with the association itself, to give space to

“Una Marcia In Più Odv – Ets”

as it offers an information service to tourists with disabilities

that may be useful to promote through the pages of

Bagheria Experience.

                      Una Marcia In Più                                                                                                                 
                                   https://www.umip.it/                          info@umip.it                               Una Marcia In Più ODV               umip_odv