Villa Ramacca

Built around the mid-eighteenth century by the prince of Rammacca, Bernardo Gravina, it is located at the foot of Mount Catalfano. It is accessed from a long avenue that crosses a garden full of exotic plants. Extremely simple in its architectural lines, the building has a large terrace on the front of the courtyard, all bricked with colored majolica, and with a balustrade in Aspra tuff stone, which dominates the whole of Bagheria. It is currently managed by private individuals for the realization of banquets and conferences. (Visitable)

In depth

Of significant workmanship is a majestic pediment, at the top of the main entrance door, supported by a frame and represented by two vaults with statues that enclose the coat of arms of the Gravina family. The terrace leads to the large living room, which serves as a hallway to the rooms on the ground floor. The decorations of the internal rooms seem to have been of considerable value, but the state of abandonment in which the villa was found for a long time does not allow them to be admired in their ancient splendour. At the rear of the building, located in a small semicircle courtyard, are a church, stables and quarters for the servants.

The villa is privately owned.